Your Workout Clothes Pull Double-Duty with a “Workout+” Wardrobe

DATE: April 10, 2013

Recently a friend asked me if it was worth it to invest in good workout gear. My answer: “Only if it works for you!”

If you’ve read any of my previous posts that discuss specific workouts, you might have noticed that I suggested alternatives to dumb bells or even the gym in general. Doing this increases the versatility of the routine, allowing you to get more use out of it and adapt it to suit your lifestyle.

When choosing workout clothes and accessories, I want to make sure I select items that are as versatile and adaptable as my workouts. Before I make any purchase, I ask myself these questions:.

  1. Will this help me workout? More? Smarter? More Comfortably? (i.e. Will it improve my workout experience in some way?)
  2. Will I (realistically) be able to use/wear this in a non-workout capacity?

If I can answer both questions yes, I know it is a “workout+” piece: a clothing or accessory item perfect for working out PLUS…

Now is the perfect time to cultivate a “workout+” wardrobe because summer is just around the corner. “Workout+” clothes are clothes or accessories that you can sport even when you aren’t working out. They are designed to breathe and move with you while also looking causal enough to wear anytime. Here are two examples I think would make great “workout+ items.” Hopefully they’ll inspire you to get more use out of your workout clothes!

Tanks by Cozy Orange

Cozy Orange tanks shown here are perfect for yoga, pilates, running,  Zumba Dance and pretty much all general workouts. Their simple design makes them both trendy for the season and easy to integrate with any wardrobe. You can even pair with denim or a light cotton or linen bottom when not working out.

Workout Accessory – A Pedometer

These are great tools for keeping track of your movement throughout the day whether you’re working out at the time or not. To make it really “workout+”, find a model that is built into a watch. There is a TON out there!


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