2019 Wedding Trends Forecast

DATE: December 14, 2018

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2018 has been a wonderful year for weddings at Sundial! We have loved celebrating every one of our couples and look forward to what 2019 has in store. We chatted with Ashley and Tracy, our dream wedding team, to learn the trends they started to see in 2018 and expect to be even more popular in 2019:

  • Drone Shoots: More and more couples are opting to add drone photography to their photo packages. Drones offer a unique perspective and are a great way to capture your entire wedding in one sweeping shot.

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  • Unplugged Ceremonies: It seems with every passing year we become more attached to our phones. This has sparked the unplugged trend, where couples are asking guests to put aside their devices and be in the moment for the ceremony and sometimes even the reception. We love this trend and hope to see even more unplugged ceremonies in 2019!
  • Mix and Match Everything: From groom attire to place settings to floral arrangements, the mix and match trend is all over everything! The end result has a more curated and custom feel than the matchy-matchy styling of years passed.

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  • Favor Placecards: Paper tent cards and a bag of Jordan almonds by your seat are things of the past! These days, couples are opting to combine place cards with personalized favors for a more personal touch. We’ve seen names on everything from sea glass to agate slices, monstera deliciosa leaves to golf tees and markers and beyond.
  • Signature Scented Candles: The signature trend has moved beyond color schemes and cocktails and into the world of scents! Couples are now choosing a signature scent to be a part of the identity of their big day. Scent is one of the senses most strongly linked to memory and we hope every time our couples light their signature candles it brings back fond memories of their wedding day at Sundial.
  • Bridesmen and Groomsgirls: We love this new tradition of honoring the best people in your life regardless of gender! Your wedding day is all about being surrounded by the people who love and support you and that’s what matters most.


Which new trends do you think will make an appearance next year?

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