A Shell Walk with Johnny Rader – Sanibel Sea School at Sundial

DATE: January 23, 2017

Meet Johnny, Rader, a Marine Science Educator with Sanibel Sea School. Explore the beach with him as he trolls for shells and discusses some of the unique marine life that call Sanibel home.

Learn about:

  • What makes Sanibel so great for shelling?
  • What is the beach made up of?
  • Can you find live marine life on the beach?
  • What does it mean that Saniebl is a Sanctuary Island?
  • What’s the best way to handle a situation when you come into contact with live shells or other marine life?

We are at Sundial are proud to provide an additional campus to the Sanibel Sea School and enjoy being able to offer guests and locals the opportunity to learn more about the amazing place we call home.

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