Exceptional Resort Staff Services Are What Makes Sundial Shine

DATE: July 22, 2016

The name Sundial Beach Resort & Spa speaks of a natural splendor. Its home, Sanibel Island, paints an ecological masterpiece of majestic beauty laid along the rumbling serenity of the Gulf of Mexico at Southwest Florida. But behind this ancient symphony and this splash of sunshine luxury are some hard-working everyday heroes, the quiet ones, the people who make this happen.

We at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa salute our employees. We tip our hats to those who make our resort staff services shine. We recognize those who roll up their sleeves, who put on their glowing smiles, who go out of their way to make our guests’ stay remarkable and lovely.

Exceptional Resort Staff Services Are What Makes Sundial Shine

Sundial Employees Are The Greatest

When it comes to exceptional resort staff services, Sundial Beach Resort & Spa holds the top honors. Here are the nominations for the top Team Member of the Quarter:

  • Jader Alva, Engineering: Jader is dependable and can be trusted to complete each and every task that he is given. He is always willing to assist any team member that needs help. He is a valuable asset to the company.
  • Nadege Corriolan, Housekeeping: Nadege is very dependable, reliable and an exceptional worker. She performs her duties effectively and efficiently and assists others when they are in need.
  • Deneica Hudson, Housekeeping: Deneica can be counted on to assist room attendants do whatever it takes to get the rooms ready in time for guest check-ins. She goes above and beyond to make sure the VIP units look amazing.
  • Jean Janvier, Recreation: Jean is always smiling. He goes above and beyond to assist guests and make sure they have what they need. He is dependable and goes the extra mile not only for the guests but for his fellow team members alike. He truly cares about the guests; he learns their names and remembers them when they return.
  • Daniel Laurore, Culinary (three nominations): Daniel always has a can-do, positive attitude with a big smile. He is dependable, reliable and enthusiastic at all times. His dedication to his work and fellow team members is commendable. He gives more than 100 percent every day.

Exceptional Resort Staff Services Are What Makes Sundial Shine!

  • Hanna Robinson, Front Desk: Hanna continually assists with last-minute projects and tasks, even assisting with other departments when needed. She goes out of her way to see if she can be of assistance in any way.
  • Carlos Sanchez, Engineering (two nominations): Carlos consistently goes above and beyond not only assisting guests but all team members. He has a positive attitude and is always smiling. He can be counted on to complete his tasks efficiently.
  • Limoncia Thomas, Housekeeping (two nominations): Limoncia has a positive attitude; she shows pride in her work and makes sure that every one of her units is well taken care of. She is dependable and will assist others when needed. She is always polite with guests and team members alike.
  • Peta-Gaye Whyte, Housekeeping: Peta-Gaye goes the extra mile to make sure the guests are happy. She assists room attendants when needed and always with a smile.
  • Sean Warren, Tennis: Sean is always there to assist his team members where ever he is needed. With his level of service he has taken the department to the next level. He has trained his fellow team members and assists with the daily camp.

Exceptional Resort Staff Services Are What Makes Sundial Shine

And the winner for Sundial’s Team Member of the Quarter is … Daniel Laurore! As winner of this award, Daniel received a gift card and a special parking place with his name on the sign. Congratulations to Daniel on this very special honor!

We applaud these hard-working team members and invite you to experience what makes Sundial Beach Resort & Spa so splendid. Relax under a beach cabana or make it an active stay with tennis, golf and water sports. You can be confident you’ll encounter resort staff services that will simply amaze. For information about Sundial and its many amenities, contact us today.

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