New Renovations at Sundial

DATE: February 5, 2013

Recently, my girlfriends and I had been talking about planning a girl’s getaway in the spring, but none of the ideas we had quite fit for us. Every place we thought of, when we weighed out the pros and cons (i.e. cost of travel, rates, amenities, etc.) fell short somehow

I was mulling over the different ideas we had tossed around when it suddenly hit me – the new upcoming spa at Sundial!

Sundial is currently under renovation, but the spa will be open in a few months, so a relaxing stay at Sundial would be perfect for us. Sundial’s condo units have plenty of room and they provide a great space where we can all hang out together before or after whatever activities we decided on. I just needed to find out when the final renovations would be complete on the Spa.

I called over to Sundial and told them I was considering booking a stay, but I wanted to know more about the renovations currently under way. They asked me if I was free – I was – and told me to come on over. It was exciting to learn about all the new aspects and improvements to Sundial that are coming along. I couldn’t wait to tell the girls!

Before I even left the resort I called my friends. All 3 were thrilled with what I’d found out about the renovation plans, and we booked our spa getaway for April when the brand new spa is open.

Here’s what I learned about the renovations happening at Sundial:

  • The spa, resort restaurants, and meeting areas – including the new 3rd floor waterfront deck – will all be complete by March 31.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are still being served daily via poolside lounge while renovations are being finished.
  • Restaurants will offer new, revamped menu once reopened.
  • Kids poolside Splash Pad will open this summer.

I can’t wait for our stay! Maybe we’ll see some of you there!

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