Staying Fit is Fun on Sanibel Island

DATE: January 28, 2013

I’m always trying to come up with ways to keep my family healthy and moving. Last time we ‘spoke,’ I mentioned taking a bike ride on the beach with the kids and this is something Joshua and I try to do with the kids as often as possible. We even get out of town guests in on the cycling (thanks to Sundial and being able to rent bikes for our visitors for the day)!

We’re so lucky on Sanibel not just to have bike paths virtually everywhere but also to have so many beautiful trails to explore while we ride.  I think the big reasons these family bike rides are so important to Josh and I are because it allows us to spend time together and have fun while also staying in shape. A casual hour-long bike ride can burn over 100 calories! It tends to be a few more when the kids decide to race each other every 5 minutes because the winner can’t be decided by best 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 5 or…you get the picture. Siblings.

We’re in a time right now where, unfortunately, so many people are struggling to get and stay healthy. Childhood health and obesity have become a serious topic over the past few years with programs like “The Biggest Loser: Challenge America” recently announcing its mission to tackle childhood obesity.

I want to do my own part here by sharing tips I’ve learned, workouts that don’t need a gym membership, recipes that are good and good for you, and anything else that has helped keep me and my family healthy and feeling good!

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