Sundial Beach Resort & Spa Hosts Another Memorable Wedding

DATE: August 28, 2015

It always has something to do with the sun – that brilliant star governing our solar system. For us mere earthlings, the sun, a microscopic speck in the universe, speaks to us in another language, of romance, of passion, of gentle dreams come true. It tells us continually about so many new dawns – each awakening to life’s new and expanding opportunities.

Here at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, we specialize in the sun, for obvious reasons: We rest along the gleaming coastline – at the beach – at the eastern edge of the Gulf of Mexico. We’re in southwestern Florida, the Sunshine State’s paradise.

And new beginnings? New dawns? Awakening to the wonders of life unfolding? That’s also one of our specialties. Manifesting itself in two lives becoming one in matrimony.

The wedding. It is one of our celebrations in life. Sundial Beach Resort & Spa is the place to choose to hold your wedding.

Memorable Wedding at Sundial

Couple Overwhelmed at Lovely Sundial Wedding

Michael and Olivia Mathews decided to hold their wedding at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa; it was a beautiful decision for them, an occasion that set the stage for a grand life ahead.

Olivia reflects: “Thank you so much for everything you did to make our big day happen. Michael and I wish we could go back and do the whole week over again, not to change anything, but to just be able to re-live such an amazing time.

“We had so much fun and it was everything we wished it to be and more. Sanibel and the Sundial have such a special place in our hearts and we plan to come back again and again.” Olivia and her bridesmaids had their hair done at the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa & Boutique.

Sundial Beach Resort & Spa is no stranger to the lustrous trappings of the wedding ceremony. In fact, we take the opportunity to host the occasions to heart.

We offer wedding parties many locations to hold rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, cocktail hours, receptions, post-wedding brunches. Opportunities include garden settings, poolside settings, beach areas, ballrooms, outdoor terraces and Gulf-front rooms.

It’s your choice. We merely help make your dream come true.

Memorable Wedding at Sundial

Discover Your Wedding Paradise at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

Looking for the perfect wedding experience Florida has to offer?  Let the paradise at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa make your wedding dreams come true. Every Sundial wedding comes with the services of a ‘day-of’ coordinator so that you may enjoy your special day. For more information, call 239-395-6009.

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