The Beach Bride Guide to Wedding Colors

DATE: September 5, 2014

From the décor to the dress, you know exactly what you want for your beach wedding, EXCEPT—you can’t seem to decide on a color scheme. Luckily, Sundial Resort’s gorgeous beachfront backdrop and serene natural surroundings are the perfect setting for ANY color scheme. The beach’s neutral-colored sand, luminous sunlight and dancing blue-green sea is also ideal for accenting your color scheme. Tis’ [...]

10 Ideas for Adding a Sentimental Touch to Your Wedding

DATE: July 30, 2014

Every wedding is made special with little touches. Some brides add glitz and glam, while others add a more sentimental touch. Adding sentimental touches is a great way to include all of your guests in your wedding – you can show just how much you appreciate them being there and make them all feel as special as they make you [...]